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Manifesting my 2021 Goals
Manifesting my 2021 Goals
Written by Jeanne-Marie Branche | Jan. 24th, 2021
It’s the start of a new year!! ( a bit late to this blog post) I am so excited for this year and its new possibilities and opportunities. 2020 was a rough year mentally and physically… I am hoping that 2021 unfolds some positive things for me and for you. I’m so excited for all of the things I have planned this year and my goals to go along with it. 

Here are some of mine…


Set the proper mindset and keep that mindset to motivate me. 
I want to pursue things fully and not with have the energy or drive. 
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Goals for Dance: 

Work on my petit allegro in ballet 
Get a clean triple pirouette 
Meal prep & snack better / healthier dieting 
Finally begin teaching barre classes! 

Goals are not new to me… I am a very goal-oriented and organized person. I think my biggest thing this year is to not overwhelm myself with the millions of goals I have and want to accomplish. Instead- I will compartmentalize them. So far that has been amazing for me and January already feels so good and prosperous. 

Something that has helped me tremendously with this is how my planner is set-up. I have sections for goals and to-do’s which is always a plus for me to visualize and truly “manifest.” Something that I never thought about or implemented were monthly goals. So far in January I have accomplished 2 out of my 3 goals for the month and I have never felt more fulfilled! Setting three goals seems reasonable and do-able enough for me, and it keeps me sane! Seeing and doing these goals for this month has ultimately become a habit and now a-part of my lifestyle that I will continue to do for the year! One thing to always remind yourself though is to not overwhelm yourself and try not to do more than what you think you are capable of. You don’t HAVE to have three goals… like I said I have accomplished 2 out of my three but I still feel fulfilled and refreshed to take on new challenges. I am excited to see a new “me” as I continue to set these small, short-term goals. 

 I think that 2021 is a breath of fresh air and sigh of relief for most of us. I spent some time to pause and reflect on my 2020 and I still accomplished a lot. However, I feel like I had such a mental block in multiple situations throughout the year. I think in this New Year I want to work on not having that mental block and just DO the things that will propel me forward and help me to reach my goals. 

Keeping this blog post short & sweet. 

Stay tuned for some of my plans!! I am so excited to share these journeys with you! 

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About Author: Jeanne-Marie Branche 

Jeanne-Marie Branche is a student at the University of Tampa double majoring in Communications and Applied Dance. Her hometown is Palm Beach Gardens FL. She has been actively involved in the dance industry and is continuing to train and choreograph professionally in college. With her current training, she plans to perform and choreograph for dance companies/programs while teaching younger children through her passion for creativity and dance! 
Jeanne-Marie intends to blend both of her studies to integrate proper marketing and branding for individual dancers, dance companies, and artists locally, nationally, and globally.

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