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Having a Support Group 
Written by Jeanne-Marie Branche |  July 31st 2020
Having a support group in life is so important. I think it’s even more important now as we face these interesting times in the country and the entire world. Many things have changed for me in the past five months and it truly blows my mind. I have lost many friends but I have realized that I am better off without some people in my life. It’s time to just focus on me and not others as much. I think it’s important right now to be a little selfish and be okay with it. At this same time, I realized the people who care about me most and the ones whom I need to keep close. My circle has gotten smaller but I am much happier than where I was in March.

This applies in the dance world as well. It is so valuable to have a support group of dancers who know what you are going through. I had that as well during these months and I don’t know where I would be without them! Their support has given me the motivation to dance despite the many drawbacks we all felt due to Corona virus, as well as to take care of my mental health first before I decide to dance again. I can say that I am back and slightly better, with some way to go, but I wouldn’t be here without them. 

Especially in the arts, I think it is very easy to get discouraged. We always have new challenges thrown at us and it’s so easy to give up... but that is why the world needs us because we are CREATIVE. With working around so much like-minded people, you get the assurance that you are not alone in this journey of life, though your paths will be different. I think that that is something to truly appreciate and value in this industry, even as people come and go, many will stay and that right there is the ultimate support group you need for times like these. Something that bothered me tremendously as well is learning to have peace of mind letting go. I always want to be liked by everyone and I have serious FOMO, but at the end of the day, those fears end up taking over me and add so much unnecessary stress to my life. I am at a stage where I want to push and work hard for things that will benefit me now and for the future. In this, I have to remain optimistic and push through all the hard times and moments. I was reminded of that today from someone whom I’ve gotten very close to over these months and I couldn’t be more grateful for the encouragement. 

I encourage you to find these people or reach out to people who continue to support and uplift you. Not only is it good for your mindset, but it will translate into your craft as well as you step into the studio (or any space right now) to dance, create, and truly be yourself!

About Author: Jeanne-Marie Branche 

Jeanne-Marie Branche is a student at the University of Tampa double majoring in Communications and Applied Dance. Her hometown isPalm Beach Gardens FL. She has been actively involved in the dance industry and is continuing to train and choreograph professionally in college. With her current training, she plans to perform and choreograph for dance companies/programs while teaching younger children through her passion for creativity and dance! 
Jeanne-Marie intends to blend both of her studies to integrate proper marketing and branding for individual dancers, dance companies, and artists locally, nationally, and globally.

About Dancers of the Light 
Dancers of the Light is a blog that focuses on the comfort, community, and purpose within the arts industry. It is a growing circle of dancers and artists who are on a mission to find their purpose in the fine arts and to meet others with like-minded ideas and motives for why they do what they do. I hope to inspire and network with others as I see this blog grow! 
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